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Focusing on the individual quality of living and strengthening family care for loved ones

Cross Cultural Homecare Inc. was established in 2013 with a mission to promote and empower independence by customizing care that is unique to each individual’s needs. With an emphasis on encouraging participants to be involved in care planning that meet policies while being mindful of cultural needs. Cross Cultural Homecare Inc. has successfully provided home care that targets the health and well-being of individuals continuing to live in the community in the comfort of their own homes.

Cross Cultural Homecare Inc. continuously trains Personal Care Assistants (PCA) to not only be culturally competent but to also put into practice care that fosters participants’ self-determination. This has resulted in participants continuing care even when they have moved out of the serving areas and having participants return to re-establish care after leaving to another agency.

Our Mission

To provide care that is tailored to the individual needs at home.

Our Vision

To maintain the individual’s health and well-being to continue to live independently at home and community.

Get in Touch

Please feel free to contact us if you need our services or want to find out more information. We understand it is hard navigating through the system and obtaining services. We are happy to help you whether you want to find out how to receive our services or how to qualify for the services.